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In a world where light touch doesn’t leave a lasting impression, dare to be bold.
Bring us your eclectic, your boisterous and proud

We are the collective, of the subtle and loud

Fashion is the outermost layer of the human spirit; Middle East Fashion Week exemplifies the innate drive we all have, to express ourselves and celebrate the many gradients of individuality. President and Cofounder of Middle East Fashion Week, Dr. Antonio Rubel personifies this in a way few can. Internationally recognized and locally lauded as the pulse of Dubai Fashion events, Middle East Fashion Week represents the culmination of his support and patronage to the Middle Eastern fashion scene. Fashion shows, Galas, private events, and exclusive offerings come together to create an experience second to none. Middle East Fashion Week captures the spirit of Dubai, where luxury is second nature and inspiration is the bedrock on which the city stands.

executive TEAM



Chief Strategy Officer - Fashion Director

Simon Lo Gatto

Simon J Lo Gatto

CEO & Founder

Antonio Rubel


Luca Picasso

Event Advisor


Charmain Gyles-Ferguson

Vicktoria Volkova

Mariaelena Perrone

Emmanuel Heimman

"You can have everything in life

if you dress for it.’’

be different

Middle East Fashion Week provides the opportunity to wear different fashion collections with elegance and style with one of the largest fashion weeks that highlights the diversity and creativity of its designers.

act different

Every season is a source of inspiration that rhymes with a sense of timeless elegance and beauty icons, where fashion is in the eye of the beholder and every woman has the ability to change the world once sequin at a time.

Enjoy the difference

It's always wonderful to be elegant, it's always trendy to have grace, it's always glamorous to be brave, and it's always important to be your own kind of stunning.



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